Can A Business Ever Truly Win Back Trust?

What if your business had a major meltdown? What if your business had more than 50 major meltdowns in about a year and a half? How would that affect your customer base and your business?

To get customers to buy from you, they have to like, but to get them to buy from you time and again, they have to trust you. If they stopped trusting you, how long before your business was failing and what could you do to rebuild that trust?

For Johnson & Johnson, trust was an easy thing to build on.

For more than 100 years the company made products they could be proud of that promoted health and wellness to their customers around the world.

Famously known for their “No more tears” marketing campaign, people relied on Johnson & Johnson products for so long the company became an iconic American, and world-wide, brand.

Unfortunately for J&J, there are plenty of tears to go around these days.

Over the past 15 months the company has issued more than 50 voluntary product recalls, including recalling brand names like Benadryl, Tylenol, Motrin and Rolaids.

But it isn’t just over the counter medication. Johnson & Johnson has also recalled items as varied as contact lenses and even hip replacements.

None of this is good news for J&J or its customers, but can the company rebound or is it the start of an inevitable downward spiral for the monolith?

Aside from the legal and financial issues J&J is already facing, the bigger question is will they ever be able to win back their customers’ trust?

In any business, trust is a major factor, but when it comes to a person’s health it becomes even more important.

In 2010, Johnson & Johnson was one of few companies that saw its United States revenue fall from the previous year and the lack of trust customers have for their products these days certainly played a factor.

With more than a dozen recalls already in 2011, Johnson & Johnson needs to move fast before it destroys the trust it took the company almost 125 years to build.

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  • By Romeo, April 7, 2011 @ 6:20 am

    Yes they can, first best moment was before they start to loose trust, and the second best is today. How? is another question :-)

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