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Tune Your Inner Voice to Success

Garbage In! Garbage Out! Even the most advanced computer does not match the potential of the human mind. Who would treat their mind like an old computer tossed in a pile of rubbish? Every person on the planet has that inner voice that has been referred to as the conscience since the beginning of time. We can be a prisoner of it when we have guilt without forgiveness, sorrow without joy, fear without assurance, and defeat without victory. The list will continue throughout our life as worry without dependence, hate without love, doubt without faith, value without self-worth, and many other elements that can cause our inner voice to keep us from reaching our potential. Without having to go through these hurdles of life, we would not be ready for larger battles that are ahead. When you were a kid, you may have had the challenge of raising a pet. As an adult, you possibly are in the process of raising a family. The inner voice aids us through these life experiences. From the simplest tasks to impossible feats, the inner voice can help us turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones, when we are willing to take the steps for a better tomorrow.

Think Like Your Child Self

When children are small, they are both trusting and vulnerable. They notice the little things like bright colors, little creatures, pretty flowers, and things that make them smile. They are not afraid to share their feelings and do not let people keep them from asserting themselves. They are very forgiving little people who are very resilient to defeat simple tasks, such as learning to walk. As adults, we are more mature, but some of the simplistic aspects our own childlike approach to life should never change. If you stop being a child, you will stop learning, growing, and reaching.

Know the Reason for the Inner Voice

You only have one mind. Steps to success will be limited by their own volition, or by those whom they have allowed themselves to mimic. The inner voice is designed to act as the conscience. It tells us stealing, murder, child abuse, and other horrific acts are wrong. It acts as our guide when we accomplish great ventures. It acts as a teacher and coach to help others get through their own hurdles, and back on track.

White Balance Your Inner Voice

The white balance effect of a camcorder is when the camera lens is set to a white background so the colors of the shoot will be more true. The inner voice will reflect the image it sees in the back of your mind. If your sense of morality has been altered, your inner voice will be distorted. This is why people who have been addicted to drugs alter their minds to think that what they are doing is okay even when it may hurt others. Likewise, people who think they are failures have been fed the mental drug of defeat. The inner voice can only speak the truth when the mind has been fed the truth. You are not ugly, worthless, or unable to succeed.

Know the Enemies of the Inner Voice

The world has a lying voice that says it cares. It will trap you in places you would not want to be. It will also move out of the way of someone who knows where they are going. Self has a voice that remembers past failures. It can be unforgiving and the cause of defeat. It will be the final decision maker, so handle it with care. Like the conscience that helps us know the difference from right and wrong, there is a voice from the unknown that distorts what is truth. It will send you down the path of defeat. This is the voice that literally brings thoughts into the mind that we never know where they came from. Flee from them.

Feeding our Mind Becomes a Carbon Copy

Your inner voice has a recording device that will replay everything you have ever let enter. Its diet is based upon what you feed it, and the protein that provides the energy to succeed will be based upon the quality of the mental food ingested. Everything you see, feel, and touch adds to the memory in the channel of experience. Tragedy strikes and brings trouble. The birth of a child brings joy. These things become a natural part of life, and the inner voice becomes a product of those life experiences. However, the things we let enter our minds can have a bigger impact by the places we go, the people to whom we listen, and the books we read.

Expect Greatness

No one is born without purpose. Zig Ziglar, a famous motivational speaker, says we have to get rid of the “stinkin’ thinkin'”. Also, he says that you will be like the books you read and the people you listen to in the next five years. Where are you headed? Do not be afraid to change. If you feed it, success will come. It may not be in the form of material wealth or fame. However, it will make a difference in your life and those around you.